Reviewer’s guide

We expect that our reviewers have the following in mind when reviewing an article:

I. Originality and Scope:

Is the article in line with the purpose and scope of the journal? Does this article warrant publication based on the novelty of its content? Are there meaningful contributions to the body of knowledge?

II. Title:

Is the title reflective of the objective and design of the study?Does the title need modification?

III. Abstract:

Are the contents a comprehensive representation of the full text in terms of problem statement, methodology, findings and conclusions? Is the number of words satisfactory (maximum of 250)?

IV. Keywords:

Are the keywords searchable?

V. Introduction:

Does it clearly state the problem being investigated? Is the literature review rich with recent, global, regional and local literature? Is any gap in the literature identified?

VI. Materials and Methods:

Is the methodology logical and replicable? Does the author clearly and accurately explain how the data was collected? Is the design appropriate for the stated objectives? Are there enough information to enable replication of the research? Was the sampling adequate? Have the equipment and materials been appropriately described?

VII. Results and Discussion:

Do the results emanate from the methodology? Has suitable analysis been carried out? Are the statistics correct? Is there internal consistency? Are the results clearly presented and compared with previous studies and standards?

VIII. Conclusion:

Do the conclusions emanate from the results and discussions? Are the claims in this section supported by the results? Does the conclusion state the contributions to knowledge?

IX. Tables and Figures:

Are the Tables and Figures simple, clear to understand and not replica of each other? Are they appropriate and in line with the format of the Journal?

X. References:

Are the references adequate and satisfactorily current? Were they corrected cited and listed in line with the format of the Journal?

XI. General:

Is the entire text satisfactory in terms of spellings, use of punctuation, grammar and style of expression? Does the manuscript make a substantial contribution to knowledge?

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