Assessment of Socio-economic Impact of Yola International Airport on Jimeta Residents, Adamawa State, Nigeria

Sanusi Adamu and Ezra A.
Department of Geography, Modibbo Adama University of Technology, P.M.B. 2076 Yola Tel: +2348021109499

DOI: 10.36108/laujoces/0202/50(0111)


Airports plays an important role in shaping the economic activities of communities of which they serve due to the fact that they are among the largest public facilities in the world. The availability of air transportation and its associated airport infrastructure constitute a significant stimulus to economic and social development for the communities located in neighboring areas of the airports. This study examines the impact of Yola international airport on socio-economic activities of Jimeta residents. The study used primary data which were generated from the respondents through the administration of 300 copies of structured questionnaire. The combination of stratified and systematic random sampling was used to administer the questionnaire. Frequency counts and Student T-test were used to analyze the data on the socio-economic activities before and after the upgrade of the airport. The study revealed that, Yola International airport influenced the growth of socio-economic activities in the area by 62.7%, increasing patronage of customers 34.7% as well transport services 39.0%. The study further revealed that there is a significant difference at p<0.01 in the socioeconomic activities of the residents before and after the upgrade of Yola International airport (2003-2019). The result also revealed that, Occupation and educational level significantly influence the major activities of the residents of Jimeta before and after the Airport upgrade. The study concluded that Yola international airport has impacted positively on socio economic activities of Jimeta residents. Thus, the following recommendations were put forward: there is a need for the local economic enterprise to actively identity, monitor and supervise the creation and establishment of different business establishments around the airport vicinity.

Key-words: Airport, Air transport, infrastructure, Socio-economic, urban development.


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