Laminated Bamboo Board: A Sustainable Alternative to Timber Board for Building Construction
1* Ameh, O. J. and 2 Shittu, K. A.
1;2 Department of Building, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
* Corresponding Author E-mail:;

DOI: 10.36108/laujoces/1202.60.0170


There is increased advocacy for low-carbon environment globally, necessitating the promotion of ecologically friendly building materials. The health and environmental hazards associated with conventional building material production, as well as the high cost on the economy for the importation of machinery for their production; the massive utilisation of wood resources for construction purposes, and its effect on climate change, necessitates the search for alternative construction materials. The purpose of this study is to examine the sustainability of a composite board made from Bambusa vulgaris for building construction. A 600 mm x 600 mm wall and floor-board comprising three sample units for different thicknesses; 10 mm, 20 mm and 40 mm were produced from each segment; top, middle, and bottom, of the bamboo culm with approximately 8-10 mm laminate. The results revealed average compressive strength values for the bottom, middle, and top bamboo segments of 31.39 N/mm2, 29.38 N/mm2, and 24.99 N/mm2, respectively. The highest impact bending strength of 33.66 N/mm2 and 27.94 N/mm2 occurs at the middle and top segments of the bamboo species respectively. Modulus of Rupture decreases from the bottom to the top segment of the bamboo species with values of 76.43 N/mm2, 62.33 N/mm2, and 56.70 N/mm2, respectively. Furthermore, thermal properties indicate that it is a good material for interior walls, floors, and ceiling finishes. These findings have far-reaching implications for practice and economic development; regarding reduction in the cost of materials, and hence affordability for low-income housing; overall safety of the environment; and employment opportunities for Nigerian youths along the construction value chain.
Keywords: Bamboo, Building materials, Eco-friendly, Laminated board, Sustainable material


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