Factors Influencing E-Tendering Adoption in the Nigerian Construction Industry: A Theoretical Review
1*Galadima, H. B. and 2Waziri, A. Y.
1Department of Quantity Surveying, Federal Polytechnic,Kaltungo, Gombe state, Nigeria.
2Department of Quantity Surveying.AbubakarTafawaBalewa University, Bauchi, Nigeria.
DOI: 10.36108/laujoces/2202.80.0160


E-tendering has been defined as the outflow and receiving of tender related material and subsequent documentation through electronic means which brings about the procurement of construction work and the award of contract. Information and communication technology has been a driving force behind organizational performance through stimulation and standardization of smooth and effective communication among the members of organizations as well as inter-organizational collaborations. As these technological advancements have been progressing significantly faster in other countries, the Nigerian Construction Industry has lagged behind many of its developing country counterparts in terms of acceptance, usage and adoption of these technologies. Consequently, there is low level of e-tendering utilization in the Nigerian construction industry. Through an extensive review of literatures emanating from Nigeria, this study examined the causes of low e-tendering adoption among Nigerian construction industry and developed a conceptual model of e-tendering adoption using T-O-E Framework (Technology, Organization and Environment) as a theoretical basis to guide e-tendering adoption process. Findings from the study reveal that construction organizations are reluctant to adopt new technologies due to unfavorable economic environment. The study further found that the successful adoption of e-tendering is hinged on the alignment of technology, organization and environmental variables of an organization. It recommended that the construction managers should consider top management support among themselves and their employees and organisational readiness in their respective organizations for successful e-tendering adoption and use.

Keywords: Construction Industry, E-tendering Adoption, Technology Origination Environment, TOE.



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